Feature Page

The Simple and Powerful Ecommerce Solution

Create your unique online store that syncs with major marketplaces including Shopee, Shop.com, and Amazon.

Multi-channel Order Management

Multi-channel Order Sync

Manage all the orders at one place to save up time and labor cost.

Bulk Import and Export Orders

Export orders from the desired time frame.

Order Cancellations and Refunds

Chat with customers on our order management interface, to minimize the time wasted on replying emails back and forth.

Multi-channel Inventory Control

Multi-warehouse Management

Sync all the channel warehouses to gain instant updates on inventory status.

Threshold Inventory Quantity

If the inventory runs below the threshold inventory quantity, you will receive an email reminder to restock.

Reserve Inventory for Unpaid Orders

Set an reserve inventory time frame for the unpaid products to prevent overselling.

Display/hide Out-of-stock Products

You may decide to display, hide out-of-stock products, or showcase the stock quantity.


Boost sales and customer loyalty by running discounts.


Create coupons with percentage or fixed discount that can be used upon all or designated customers.

Fixed Price Discount

Fixed amount discount on selected products to increase conversion rate.

Tiered Member Pricing

Set different prices for different tiers of membership to build customer loyalty.

Cart Discount

Free shipping, free gifts, fixed or percentage cart discount.

Percentage Discount

Apply percentage discounts to increase conversion rate.

Tiered Discount

Apply bulk discount for large orders to encourage reselling business.

Store Design

SELLERLINX page customizer helps you easily create a stunning ecommerce website.

Drag-and-drop Page Customizer

A complete set of design tools that allow you to utilize images, videos, google maps, text blocks, or many other visual elements on your website.

Responsive Web Design

Create dynamic changes to the appearance of your website based on the screen size of the device being used.

CSS Editor

Want to do more custom designs? Use the CSS Editor to make the adjustments.

Homepage Banner

The homepage has a default banner area that displays an image/video slider.

Custom Colors

You can freely adjust the color of background, title, text, header, footer...etc.

Various Website Themes

WIth a variety of themes and templates, you can quickly create a professional and stunning website.

Payment & Logistics

Complete your payment & logistics integration at ease.

Credit Card

We have partnered with renowned third-party payment & logistics companies to offer a variety of integration options.

CVS Barcode Payment

With support from the four major CVS chains, customers can choose to pay for their orders at the most convenient location using a barcode.

Apple、Google、Samsung Pay​

We offer mobile payment options such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, so your customers can complete their orders on their mobile devices.

CVS Cash On Delivery

CVS shipping service is the most cost effective option for start-up brands.

Electronic Invoice Integration

Using the Ezpay invoice services, the system automatically sends an invoice to the customer's email upon completion of the order.

Marketing and Tracking

SELLERLINX provides the mainstream website tracking and analytics tools that help merchants create effective advertising campaigns.

Google Analytics​

With the pre-integrated Google Analytics tool, you can activate it by simply entering the GA tracking code into the designated field.

Google Tag Manager​

Google Tag Manager is a tag management system (TMS) that allows you to quickly and easily update measurement codes and related code fragments collectively known as tags on your website or mobile app.

Facebook Messenger​

Enable the Facebook Messenger pop-up window to provide immediate customer service for those viewing your website.

Facebook Pixel​

The Facebook Pixel allows you to monitor conversions from Facebook ads, optimise ads, build targeted audiences for future adverts and retarget people who have previously interacted with your website.